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The overall purpose of automating, processing and providing the information generated by the different resources ascribed to the Dependency Act is reflected by a series of specific advantages:
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  • It simplifies the work

    It is a useful tool that makes working comfortable and efficient.

    It simplifies the work, optimizes the procedures and enables obtaining information and filling out documentation quick and easy.
  • It means saving time and money and making fewer errors

    It substitutes documentation on paper, which is generated on a daily basis, and it reduces and optimizes the time for managing the different tasks—all with a minimal cost of implementing the system.

    Moreover, the automation of tasks and their centralized management not only avoids many errors that occur due to the large volume of data and documents, it also makes it easier to store the data.
  • It provides information

    Through a system of indicators and charts, the Balanced Scorecard enables checking and monitoring the management of the resources of the Dependency Act by the different agents involved in the tool PIACONTROL® (managers, administrators, care assistants, Public Administration and family members).

    This Balanced Scorecard (BSC) facilitates decision making and enables visually checking and monitoring the different services.