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Home care assistance, residential care, day and night centers, personal care assistants, informal caretakers

What is it?

An innovative project

Given the diversity and the volume of the services that are included within the scope of the Dependency Act, it is necessary to have more control and to better monitor the quality and correct rendering of these services.

To address this need, AC SERVICIOS® presents PIACONTROL®, a pioneering and innovative technological project available to the management system of the Dependency Act, focused on the comprehensive management of quality control for services by private companies and their relationship with not only the Government bodies, but also the very people who receive the services and their family members.
The system enables interacting with all of the agents involved and facilitates good communication
between them.
The platform will make extensive use of mobile devices and web portals, which will be used by the different agents involved (Company-Care Assistants, Government, Family members) for the management and capture of information in situ, when is then sent to the main servers through broadband Internet connection systems, and quick and accurate processing for the consulting and control of such data.