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How does it work?

It is a tool based on the customer-server architecture, enabling the different agents involved in the services (Company-Care Assistants, Administration, Customers) to interact, also facilitating smooth
communication between them.
The care assistant looks up the data, which has been previously entered by the company, and fills it in on his mobile terminal or on his computer (web portal). To do so, the care assistant has a user-friendly interface that guides him step-by-step.
The company automatically collects the information, enters it on the computer and generates queries and reports for a correct monitoring of the service and for future decision-making.
The Administration uses the information generated by the service providers (home care, residential care, day centers, night centers, personal assistants and informal caretakers) for controlling the different Personal Care Programs and for effectively monitoring the technical, human and economic resources.

families of the person in dependent care can also access this information.