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Who will find it useful?


It reduces management costs in companies and enables the monitoring and verification of both the actual provision of services in real time (through electronic signature and/or GPS positioning) as well as the quality of the services (through quality questionnaires online).


It is a system that picks up where SISAAD (System for managing data on the system of autonomy and care for dependent persons) ends, dealing with the Personal Care Programs, managing and controlling the allocation of human and economic resources and the degree of performance. It also enables proper coordination of the SAAD with the National Health System.

Care Assistants

PIACONTROL® enables looking up the tasks to be completed and other information of interest (information on the customer, for example) and updating the status of performance of such tasks in a quick and easy way. It means reexamining the professional status of care assistants.


The family members of those in dependent care can also verify the quality of the service contracted, control its cost and monitor
the tasks and incidences.